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About Sculptore

First of all, Welcome to the "Sculptore ". Scluptore is a platform where

artistic custom made products are made. Clients come to sculptore with

variety of references as well as making artistic artifacts, Paintings, Murals,

Wall murals, Sculpture, Decorative Name Plates, Customized Print Media  like Wallpaper, Canvas, Vinyl, One Way, Cloth, Translate print, Handmade Paper and many more medias. 

And the sculptore always come true on it. 

All About Me

Hi, my self Nikhil k. Raut. Am  from Wardha, Maharashtra, (India).

My education up to 12th standard was done in wardha. After that

I completed Art Teacher Diploma from wardha. Then I enrolled at the 

Sir. J.J. Institute of Applied Art Mumbai in 2017.

While studying there I chose my elective subject as Exhibition Display Design And Stage Craft.

That's when I completed my Bachelor Of Fine Art Degree, And in 2021 I became a Pass Out

from there.

While studying fine arts, I became interested in making table top models, miniature models, 

crafts and artifacts, So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

For the same reason I set up a platform called Sculptore. That where I can  work on client

demand and I can build up to artwork according to their references and their preferences.



+91 9730473513


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